UNESCO en France, Excursion Mont Saint-Michel

UNESCO in France is more than 40 exceptional destinations to discover with guide-lecturers from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Find in this article all the traditions, know-how, UNESCO world heritage sites and historical monuments that you can discover and visit in France.

UNESCO's intangible heritage in France

Le patrimoine mondial de l'UNESCO en France 1

Giants and dragons of France

Discover the incredible history of Tarasque de Tarascon during your visit to the historic center. Do not miss the Tarasque festivals on the last weekend of June in Tarascon.

Excursion Limoges

Limousine ostensions

Discover the popular tradition of ostensions since the 10th century in Limoges, Saint-Junien, Rochechouart and throughout Limousin. Ostensions take place every 7 years. See you in 2023 and 2030 !

Book your excursion or guided tour of Limoges.

Le patrimoine mondial de l'UNESCO en France 2

The gastronomic meal of the French

To givecover on all our day trips. Your guide will be happy to advise you so that you can taste the French gastronomic tradition.

Book your gourmet visit to discover the world capital of gastronomy.

Le patrimoine mondial de l'UNESCO en France 3

The art of perfume in Grasse

Discover the know-how related to perfume, the cultivation of the perfume plant, knowledge of natural raw materials, the transformation and the art of composing a perfume. Book your visit to Grasse with a visit to a perfume workshop.

Le patrimoine mondial de l'UNESCO en France 4

The tradition of fest-noz

Discover Breton culture and its traditional gatherings in music, its balls and festivals during your private excursion in Brittany.

UNESCO World Heritage Monuments in France

With family or friends, on foot or by minibus, explore the most beautiful historical and cultural sites in France with the guide-lecturers of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Visite guidée Chambord

The Loire Valley between Sully-sur-Loire and Chalonnes

Discover the unspoiled Loire and its most beautiful castles on a private excursion.

Guide Touristique Nancy

Places Stanislas, of the Career and Alliance in Nancy

Book your private tour to discover the historic center of Nancy.

Reims visite guidée

Notre-Dame de Reims cathedral, the Saint-Rémi abbey and the Tau Palace

Book your guided tour to discover the historic center of Reims and its emblematic monuments.

Le patrimoine mondial de l'UNESCO en France 12

The great saltworks of Salins-les-Bains and the royal saltworks of Arc-et-Senans

Book your private excursion to discover the history of salt production and the most exceptional sites of the Jura.

Le patrimoine mondial de l'UNESCO en France 18

Cordouan lighthouse

Built in the 16th century 7 kilometers from the coast off the Gironde estuary, this lighthouse is an architectural feat that has withstood the fury of the Atlantic Ocean for 400 years. A gem to discover during an excursion to Royan.

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